Moog Theremini


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Fiche technique

Type Synthétiseur analogique

En savoir plus

The Theremini® is a Theremin with a traditional heterodyning oscillator for pitch control combined with a sound engine derived from our award winning synthesizerAnimoog.


• Pitch correction w/ selectable scales and root note

• Built in tuner allows you to learn pitch and scales

• 32 Wavetable based presets

• Built in speaker

• Headphone output

• Two 1/4" audio outputs

• Single Pitch CV output w/ selectable range

• User selectable scale and root note (stored per preset)

• User selectable range: highest note and lowest note (stored per preset)

• Adjustable Stereo Ping-Pong Delay

• Removable pitch antenna - built in storage compartment on bottom-side

• Built in 3/8” Mic stand and Camera stand adaptor

• High quality rubberized feet



LCD SCREEN: 128 X 64 pixel LCD with white backlight.

HEADPHONE JACK: 1/8” (3.5mm) TRS headphone jack. Inserting a headphone plug will disable the internal speaker

VOLUME KNOB: Controls headphone volume and built in speaker volume.

PITCH BIAS KNOB: Determines the amount of pitch correction from 0% to 100%

SCALE BUTTON: Select from a list of built in scales

ROOT BUTTON: Select the root note to be used by the scale

SETUP BUTTON: Provides access the setup and calibration functions - also acts as a shift key.

DELAY LENGTH BUTTON: Selects the length of delay: SHORT, MEDIUM, LONG, or OFF

DELAY AMOUNT KNOB: Controls the amount of delay mixed with the dry signal.

PRESET KNOB: Selects the preset played from a built in list of 32 presets



LEFT OUTPUT: Line Level ¼” unbalanced TS

RIGHT OUTPUT:Line Level ¼” unbalanced TS

CV OUTPUT: ¼” TS – 0-5V or 0-10V selectable

USB: MiniB USB2.0 for USB MIDI - Note data in not yet supported



POWER JACK: 12VDC/1.2A from 100–240VAC external supply(included)

DIMENSIONS:22.75”L x 6.5”D x 15”H w/antenna (4”H without)

WEIGHT: 3lbs


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Moog Theremini

Moog Theremini


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